Playing baseball without a bat.

Good Going

As has come to be more or less a yearly trek in these fall to winter months, tomorrow the family is off on a trip back stateside. In about 36 hours I hope to be sipping a celebratory gin-tonic on the deck of our rental home, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, toasting with my mom, sister and family, celebrating not only that we’re all together again after 10 months, and that we’ve survived the 10-hour flight followed by a 3-hour drive, but also that Stan and I are buying a home together. Good things are happening.

Microblog Mondays: Truth


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MicroblogMondays: BINGO!

I wasn’t going to write today because, honestly, I don’t have much to say. But then I realized that’s the whole point of MicroblogMondays, so I might as well write SOMEthing.

Friday Stan’s cousin and his long-term girlfriend officially got married. They’ve been together something like 15 years and have a son, so really it was a formality. In fact, they just did a courthouse ceremony, total witnesses: 2. But that didn’t mean we couldn’t celebrate, right? So Saturday the three couples in our core group (Stan and I, and his two cousins and their spouses) had a day out on the town. The 5 kids we have in total all came to our house and were looked after by our summer nanny and her boyfriend. A pretty sweet deal for them (nanny and manny) and for us. And the kids weren’t complaining either!

We had a blast, not least of all because of our 630€ in winnings at the local bingo parlor!! We went for the cheap drinks and stayed for the fast-paced action! ;)


MicroblogMondays: Almond Joy

My Expat Mothers’ group has begun a new adventure, one filled with sun and dirt and water, one hopefully also filled with baskets of organic produce planted, tended to and harvested by our own hands. We’ve rented a plot of land on which we’re creating an urban garden and yesterday was our first visit. I hope to post about it on a regular basis as it’s something that is already bringing us (kids are very much involved, particularly Sofia of course) great joy. It’s also incredibly humbling because I am so completely ignorant about soil prep and pruning and companion plants, but what I lack in knowledge I hope to make up for in sheer energy.

Yesterday morning as we took turns driving stakes, stringing lines and swinging hoes, we snacked on raw almonds, collected from under the almond tree growing in the corner of our plot.


So, see? I’m already learning things, like how a raw almond cracked open with a rock tastes even better than one covered in coconut and chocolate. Who knew??


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MicroblogMonday: Words to Live By

Words I read today, and ones that I don’t think I will, nor do I want to, ever forget.

The way you talk to your child will become her inner voice.

– Peggy O’Mara


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MicroblogMonday: Finding “Vacation” While on a Trip

I think many of us have written about how elusive true vacation time is when the kids are young. Trips? Yes. Vacations? Not so easy to come by. We take lots of trips with the kids, here around Spain and Europe, but also back to the States. Relaxation isn’t the main goal, I suppose, of those trips, although I’d certainly love it if we managed to find just a little bit… Anyway, the goal is to be together, to spend time with the extended family, to see friends. We have our up and down days and moments; my kids aren’t accustomed to the car really so that’s always a bit stressful. But as trip-like as the experience may be we always manage to find at least a hint or two of “vacation.”


Ice-melt doesnt phase her


Sneaky Stan


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Not Now

So, it looks like that that last cycle was indeed ovulatory, as CD1 ended up happening pretty much on schedule. I’m grateful for that; with PCOS a natural period AND ovulation is almost too much to hope for.

I’m in sort of a strange limbo state at the moment, and, indeed, for the next few months, as getting pregnant right now is actually something I want to avoid. Next June we have an important family trip planned – a big family reunion on the beach in Florida and then Disney World with my mom, sister, BIL and niece. We’ve been planning the DW trip for something like 11 years and because my immediate family used to go every year around Thanksgiving, it’s a place that is dear to our hearts.

Grainy 80s Disney World

Grainy 80s Disney World

After going for my dad’s 60th birthday back in 2004, my mom decided we’d return for her 70th in 2016, and, because DW is now (was always?) completely insane, rooms have already been booked. It’s happening. And I’m not missing it. My niece will be 6, Sofia will be turning 5 and Andy will be almost 2.5. I expect (and hope) it will be magical.

But, clearly, for me to be in Florida in late June 2016, I need to be neither the proud mom of a newborn nor well into my third trimester of a pregnancy (amazing as that would be). Alas, that means we’ll be preventing pregnancy for the next 4 months or so. I’m okay with that decision but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel rather foolish about it all. I mean, seriously, what are the odds? Even more worrisome is that part of me feels like I’m looking a gift horse in the mouth by not trying to capitalize on the (quite possibly short-lived) gift that is natural ovulation… how will I feel if I ovulate these few months and then by January or so have stopped again? If I never get a real chance at another baby will I regret this self-imposed break? I guess there’s no way of knowing. There never is, it seems.


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